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Features Of Investment Casting

2012/7/24 12:49:46

Investment Casting and accessories, components and construction of the pump device. Part of the pump may include elements of the anterior and posterior bending, taxation, the entry guide vanes, turbine seals front and rear, proliferation and the output displacement. Investment Casting and accessories, including natural gas, investment casting, water, casting steel, aluminum smelter. The quality of investments and pump accessories, including the turbine shaft bearings and seals, which is part of normal wear. Our foundry iron series of basic equipment of the machine, manufacture Investment Casting, because the crises of the pump impeller pump.

The material may be iron ductile iron pump body, cast iron or stainless steel castingimpeller.

1. Casting all types of OEM (pump body, impeller, shaft)
2. All processed or semi-finished products according to customer;s drawings, from steel bars, forgings and castings
3. Material: all kinds of stainless steel (AISI316, 316L, 304, AISI304L, DIN1.4469, DIN1.4529), alloy steel, carbon steel (carbon steel, WCC, LCC), cast iron, aluminum, brass, bronze.

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